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Quality is important when selecting your floor of choice and even more so after installation. And that’s what Hapwood® by Howell brings to the table: averaging less than one claim per million square feet over the last 15 million square feet.

That’s Howell’s “One in a Million” quality commitment.

“Because of nail down solids inherent seasonal movement, we have almost exclusively moved our site finish business to Hapwood® by Howell. With over 500,000 ft installed, we are proud to say Hapwood® is virtually trouble free and we have had ZERO issues with cupping or gapping.”


President, Southwestern Carpets

Cupping and gapping are caused by seasonal changes in humidity. Eliminate call-backs, lost revenue, and unhappy customers due to seasonal movement.


Hapwood® hardwood engineered flooring comes with the industry’s only warranty against seasonal movement.

Hapwood® has an unmatched track record of fewer than one claim per million square feet installed over the last 15 million!

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Want beautiful, site-finished hardwood floors, backed by the industry's best warranty?
Find out why Hapwood® floors perform better than solid hardwood floors. Ask a Product Expert today.

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