Crim - Dothan, AL 36305

Crim - Dothan

AL 36305

Project Description

Back for the third time

The Crim family installed our Red Oak and Cherry site-finished engineered hardwood flooring in two homes they remodelled. They loved the look and grain pattern so much, that when they built this new custom home, they picked our 7” Mill Crafted™ White Oak with ⅓ Ash Grey, ⅓ Chocolate and ⅓ Castle Brown Rubio Monocoat finish for their new hardwood flooring. 

Material Used
White Oak - Northern Mill Crafted™





Stain Used

Special Walnut and Classic Gray


“These floors are really in a league by themselves” 

Sharri Crim likes to see a sophisticated grain pattern throughout her floor. Marshall Crim likes the feel of  “walking on a custom finished hardwood floor barefooted”.

Sharri Crim’s brother - an experienced builder - likes to see the floor with no gaps and no squeaks. And when he saw the Crim’s new floors, it was the very first time he saw 7” wide floors that didn’t have any gaps and did not squeak with a wooden subfloor. “These floors are really in a league by themselves”, he remarked approvingly.

Spec Sheets

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Spec Sheets

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