How to become a Certified Provider of Hapwood™ Limited Premium Warrantied Floors

All Hapwood™ Limited Premium Warrantied Floors must be provided by a Certified Provider. There are two steps to become a Certified Provider. They can be done in either order.

Step 1

Submit the application form below to get started.  To apply Start Here.

Step 2

Have a registration interview with a Howell rep. During your interview we will discuss:

  • An overview of your company and experience. We will also give you a brief overview of Howell Hardwood Flooring.    
  • How the Premium Warranty is designed to help both builders and homeowners add value to their houses. We will review both the online and print tools Howell has designed to help you.
  • The Limited Premium Warranty. Click here to see the Limited Premium Warranty. 
  • The requirements of a Hapwood™ Certified Provider for each floor are that you:
    • Inspect each Hapwood™ floor to insure that no gaps, cupping, or crowning exists upon completion.
    • Ensure that the warranty’s HVAC system and humidity requirements have been met since the final sanding.
  • How to use DocuSign in becoming a Certified Provider and how it will owners in registering a floor.  
  • How we will approach a problem if it arises.  
    • Howell will work with you as the certified provider to inspect and identify the issue and potential solutions.  Howell will reimburse for any expenses as a result of a failure of Hapwood™ flooring as outlined in the Premium Warranty.

Certified Provider Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hapwood™ Certified Provider! Complete the certified provider application form below and submit it to Howell to get started. Once we receive your application we will schedule a phone call with you. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Benefits of Hapwood™ by Howell

Made in the USA

From components all harvested in the USA

Not only do we manufacture our hardwood flooring in the USA, all components used in our process are harvested right here in the USA!

When you purchase Hapwood™, you are choosing high quality hardwood flooring and supporting “Hometown USA” jobs.