How to register a new floor for a Hapwood™ Limited Premium Warranty

Limited Premium Warrantied Floors are only extended through flooring companies who are Certified Providers (Certified Provider Application)

All parties (Howell, the Certified Provider and the Certified Provider’s customer) will use DocuSign for each new Hapwood™ Limited Premium Warranty.

Step 1

The Certified Provider submits the project information to Howell.  To register a floor Start Here.

Step 2

Howell then loads this information and the chain of custody information into a DocuSign form. The new DocuSign form is sent back to you, The Certified Provider.  Once you certify the information is correct by clicking the “finish” button, a certification form is sent to The Customer (the end user).

Step 3

The Customer certifies and submits which automatically forwards on to the Howell General Manager.

Step 4

Howell approves and then submits. All parties are automatically sent copies of the approved new warranty. (The information and signatures from all four steps are included in final registration.)

Start Here

Complete the premium warranty registration form below.

Premium Warranty Registration Form

  • Copies

  • Location

  • Location of Hapwood™ Floor
  • Home Owner or Contractor Info

  • Copies

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Benefits of Hapwood™ by Howell

Made in the USA

From components all harvested in the USA

Not only do we manufacture our hardwood flooring in the USA, all components used in our process are harvested right here in the USA!

When you purchase Hapwood™, you are choosing high quality hardwood flooring and supporting “Hometown USA” jobs.