Testimonials | Howell Flooring

Andy Elmore, Homeowner

" "We got our hardwood floors from Howell Flooring and we love them! They turned out beautiful and the pricing was super! The staff was super knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous! I can recommend this company to anyone!" -Andy Elmore View Video "

Rich Rossmassler

" "I called up Howell looking for a super stable engineered floor for my houseboat project. Being that we are on the water with its associated moisture and movement issues i needed a solution that could handle extremes and still retain the aesthetic qualities of real hardwood floors. Howell was able to produce an excellent rift sawn white oak that has proven to be both durable and stable. The lead time was very quick and the delivered product was consistently excellent from the first board to the last. I'm really happy with these floors and all who see them have noted their beauty. I cant recommend Howell enough for their quality, price and service!"Rich Rossmassler "

President, Metropolitan Contract Carpets, Inc.

" Howell developed a product for us with specific thickness, plank width and product construction (to deal with humidity swings in high rise buildings) and customized the color and finish. This product is made in the USA at a price point comparable with the imported products available through distribution, and is superior in every way. On top of it all, you can talk to the owner. They are good, honest people who have done everything they said they would and the product they made for the Ritz-Carlton High Rise Condominiums was outstanding. "

Precision Hardwood Flooring

" We installed Howell’s unfinished Maple at the Oak Creek clubhouse. The floor was milled very well and took minimum sanding. We only had to use our 15” Buffer sanders with 80 grit screens followed by four coats of a high quality water based finish. Thank you for supplying such an easy to work with product. It has saved us a lot of time and money and the results are beautiful. "

President, Metropolitan Contract Carpets, Inc.

" Howell Hardwood Flooring and Clay Howell have been very helpful in developing and providing us with a special wood product. This product has solved many problems for us and is performing well in our high rise project environment. "

Smith Hardwood Flooring

" Our four man crew can install and finish 4,000 feet in a week. Howell’s engineered product line lets us be both craftsmen and very productive. Howell’s quality products are a key reason my men and I enjoy what we are doing and I am able to pay my men well and offer good benefits. "

President, All Brite Floors

" All Brite Floors has been using Howell Flooring over the years to match existing hardwood floors. Our customers have been extremely satisfied with our ability to custom stain and match the new Howell floors with what they already have. The cross ply engineered construction gives dimensional stability and eliminates cupping. "

Harley-Davidson Dealer

" My wife and I chose site finished oak floors from Howell 6 years ago and couldn’t be happier with the result. We like the random width combination (3, 5 and 7 inch) and the low gloss custom finish. The only difference I can tell between our floors and lumber floors is that Howell floors don’t squeak. When we have seen high end prefinished floors in other houses, we know we made the right decision and would recommend them to anyone. "

Kathy Peacock Interiors

" I love recommending Howell floors to my clients. They can get the look and feel of a custom floor within a similar price range of the better prefinished options on the market. I have recently installed Howell floors in my own home and I receive complements on them from everyone who walks through the door! "

Max Hardwood Floors

" I’ve already installed and finished the floor (5 ply, 3 inch red oak) and it looks great! The material is really good…goes together like butter! My client is totally happy with it. "